For over two decades, Radiant Systems has provided innovative store

technology to the hospitality and retail industries. Offering unmatched reliability and ease of use, Radiant’s hardware and software products have been deployed in over 100,000+ sites across more than 100 countries.

Radiant Headquarters

Radiant’s approach to growing business through point-of-sale, self-service kiosks, eCommerce options, and increased back-office technology redefines the customer experience and greatly enhances revenue drivers.

Radiant Systems, founded in 1985, continues to grow with impressive forward momentum to offer end-to-end point-of-sale retail and wholesale technology solutions for a multitude of different customers and industries. Radiant offers unmatched customer support with over 1,000+ employees worldwide, 125+ certified sales and service partners, and over 100,000+ sites installed worldwide.

Center Stage, Inc. is an

authorized Retail Partner for NCR's award winning business management software - CounterPoint. Center Stage maintains a full sales, service, and support staff for the rapidly growing retail and wholesale industry segments and is one of NCR's leading providers of CounterPoint SQL.

Radiant Systems Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1985

  • Headquarters in Atlanta with offices in
    Dallas, Memphis, Los Angeles,
    Prague, Singapore, Melbourne,
    and London

  • Publicly traded since 1997

  • 1,000+ employees worldwide

  • 100,000+ sites installed worldwide

  • 125+ certified sales and service partners

Radiant's CounterPointSQL
Radiant System's product lines include point-of-sale, self-service kiosks, loyalty and gift card management, eCommerce, back office / home office systems, and more!

Radiant's CounterPoint SQL retail technology is currently used by, but not limited to, the following industries - Petroleum and Convenience, Hospitality, Entertainment, and many other retailers and wholesalers. Radiant is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to integrate the CounterPoint SQL retail technology system into new and emerging industries and markets.