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CounterPoint SQL Streamlined Shipping through StarShip or UPS WorldShip

For a customer whose life line relies on a simple and efficient product shipment process, NBS developed a seamless interface between CounterPoint and one of two shipping software solutions: StarShip or WorldShip.

CounterPoint SQL and UPS WorldShip - Your Integrated Shipping Solution from UPS

WorldShip shipping software by UPS uses your company's existing customer data to generate shipping labels and other forms through CounterPoint. UPS WorldShip captures your client billing information through CounterPoint, making accounting more efficient and streamlining your shipping process. With UPS WorldShip, you can access the complete range of UPS services like Quantum View e-mail notifications that let you and your customers know where shipments are and when they will arrive - all through an integrated setup with CounterPoint. UPS WorldShip will automatically send CounterPoint the shipping tracking numbers, and shipping / handling costs for each order once it is processed.

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CounterPoint SQL and StarShip - Your High-Volume, Multi-Carrier, Ultra-Versatile Shipping Solution

StarShip shipping software by V-Technologies, along with our CounterPoint CPStarShip solution, will fulfill all of your shipping needs in a faster and easier manner. The StarShip program is specifically designed for retailers and wholesalers who engage in daily high-volume order processing and product shipping. Simply enter an order number and StarShip retrieves the ship-to information from CounterPoint. No more wasted time reentering data and worrying about risky and costly shipping errors. StarShip is a complete shipping solution that supports all of the major carriers including UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL and more.

The StarShip program shops different carrier rates to find the best prices and also uses third-party parcel insurance to reduce costs even more. With the custom StarShip software the freight costs, insurance charges, declared value, and tracking information are all instantly and automatically sent back to the CounterPoint sales order. That automated shipping equates to faster, more accurate billing and increased ease of shipping. A single client who shipped around $80,000 worth of goods each day was able to save $1,300 in daily shipping costs during just the first day using StarShip.

The StarShip shipping program also allows the user to select and order by order number, or by customer, and passes the order information to StarShip and opens the StarShip interface. When shipping is complete, the tracking number and shipping information for the order is written to CounterPoint. In addition, the StarShip software works with CounterPointSQL versions 8.3.7, 8.3.8, and 8.3.9.

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