CounterPoint SQL Enterprise is a graphical point-of-sale (POS) and inventory management system built on Microsoft SQL that gives you complete data access and control. CounterPoint SQL has all the features you need to run your business and the option to customize nearly every aspect of the system. Please review the information below to learn more about lightning-quick point-of-sale (POS), air-tight inventory control, and robust reporting capabilities that CounterPoint SQL offers. CounterPoint SQL provides a broad range of retail functions to handle the most important aspects of your business including Point-Of-Sale, Inventory Receiving and Purchasing, Customer Loyalty and Retention, eCommerce, Reporting, and Accounting.

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Point of Sale Convenience - Fast and Easy Checkout
  • - Associate image, audio, or video files with each item and/or customer, and CounterPoint SQL
      can automatically display the image
  • - Manage sales, returns, orders, special orders, backorders, and layaways on the same ticket
  • - Password-protect ticket entry to ensure that access CounterPoint SQL is restricted to authorized
      authorized users
  • - Choose from regular or touchscreen ticket entry
  • - Zoom in on item and customer details
  • - Accept payments on A/R accounts
  • - Transfer stock from other warehouses to meet customer order needs
  • - Use CPGateway for lightning-fast authorizations via the Internet
  • - Secure, turn-key gift card solution designed for any size retailer
  • - Ring up sales offline

CounterPoint SQL's ultra versatile functionality allows for the ringing of sales, returns, orders, backorders, special orders, and layaways. Or place the entire ticket on hold, print a price quote, or issue a gift certificate and/or store credit.

More POS Features

Advanced Point of Sale Functionality - Taking Retail To a Whole New Level
  • - Gift Registry
  • - Receivables
  • - Serial Numbers
  • - Advanced Pricing
  • - Multi-Site / Hub
  • - Offline Ticket Entry and Credit Card Processing

CounterPoint SQL gives you access to additional advanced features that enhance the base point of sale system. Advanced features may be added with the base system, or later as your business needs change.

More Advanced POS Features

CPGateway and Radiant Payment Services - Fast and Easy Integrated Payment Solutions
  • - Direct connections to all major credit card associations including Visa®, MasterCard®,
      American Express®, Discover® and JCB®
  • - Nationwide payment infrastructure backed by fully redundant data centers to ensure consistent
      processing availability and optimal routing times
  • - Fast transaction speeds

Allow CPGateway and Radiant Payment Services to work harder for you as a completely integrated, end-to-end payment solution that is easier to implement and manage with your CounterPointSQL Retail / Wholesale system.

More Payment Solution Features

Dashboard - Your All-In-One Graphical Reporting Center
  • - Includes the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business
  • - Reports visible by Day, Period, Company, Store, Vendor, Product, and MarketBasket
  • - Easy to read Graphical Reporting Interface

CounterPoint SQL Dashboard provides a unified, graphical interface that allows you to monitor performance throughout your business. Dashboard presents a visual snapshot of various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), giving you a “bird’s eye view” of different areas of your business. With Dashboard, you can quickly review current and past performance, allowing you to better manage your business.

More Dashboard Features

What Is Your Data Trying to Tell You - Featured Reporting Options in CounterPoint SQL
  • - Hundreds of built-in reports and journals
  • - View current conditions as well as historical details
  • - Modify parameters to analyze the data your way
  • - Print Quick Reports from any LookUp
  • - Powerful Merchandise Analysis Report and Sales Analysis by Group Report let you analyze your
  •   inventory in hundreds of different ways

An extensive library of built-in reports gives you the information you need to run your business successfully.

More Featured Reporting Options

Better Inventory Management with an Up-To-The-Minute Inventory Picture
  • - Always know what’s in-stock, on-order, and in-transit
  • - Track merchandise movement
  • - Define multiple price levels and promotional pricing
  • - Use built-in merchandising reports to analyze current levels, spot sales trends, and make
  •   better buying decisions
  • - Track serial numbers, apparel grids, markdowns, and location-specific pricing

CounterPoint SQL helps you minimize your inventory investment and out-of-stock conditions so you can maximize your profitability.

More Inventory Management Features

Purchasing with Ease - Automated Purchasing with CounterPoint SQL
  • - Automatically calculate and create restocking orders
  • - Simplify reorders by copying historical PO’s into new purchase orders
  • - Order and receive merchandise for multiple stores
  • - Receive merchandise with or without a PO
  • - Track backorders, RTVs, and customer-specific purchases
  • - Voucher received POs into your A/P system
  • - Print item labels and barcodes on demand or automatically

Easily place purchase orders with your vendors. Not sure what to order? Let CounterPoint SQL calculate current stock levels and create purchase orders (POs) based on your inventory levels.

More Automated Purchasing Features

Keeping Your Customer Coming Back for More - Customer Loyalty and Retention
  • - Retain complete details for every sale you make
  • - Build a valuable database for analyzing trends
  • - Print targeted mailings based on sales history
  • - Set credit limits
  • - Track receivables, print statements and enter cash receipts
  • - Use loyalty cards and programs to reward your best customers

When you know who your customers are and what they are buying, you can keep them coming back for more.

More Customer Loyalty Features

Keeping Your Business Numbers In Check - CounterPoint SQL Accounting Interfaces
  • - Quickbooks 2003-2009
  • - Quickbooks Canada 2005-2009
  • - BusinessWorks
  • - GreatPlains
  • - Sage MAS90 and MAS200
  • - Small Business Financials
  • - ACCPAC
  • - Dynamics SL
  • - Peachtree
  • - MIP Fund Accounting
  • - Solomon IV
  • - The Financial Edge

CounterPoint SQL interfaces with a diverse assortment of accounting packages to exchange General Ledger and Accounts Payable information.

More Accounting Features

Being Online is Key to 21st Century Business - Integrated Ecommerce
  • - Expand your business to the web with minimum effort and expense
  • - Items, prices, and customers come directly from CounterPoint SQL
  • - Eliminate costly double entry – import orders to CounterPoint SQL
  • - Built-in marketing tools help you reach new customers

Connect your CounterPoint SQL system to your online store with CPOnline, our powerful and affordable web-hosting and website creation service.

More Ecommerce Features

Fast, Accurate, and Seamlessly Integrated Shipping Solutions
  • - Out-of-the-box shipping integration
  • - Link directly to CounterPoint orders, customer information, or customer ship-to address files
  • - Interface is easily customized - link to any field in any CounterPoint file
  • - Eliminates double-entry - shipping information is retrieved directly from the order
  • - Freight charges written to order can include a customizable handling fee

Integrate and streamline your shipping process through CounterPoint SQL with StarShip and WorldShip shipping solutions.

More StarShip and WorldShip Features