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CounterPointSQL Customer Display Screens

Your all-in-one solution for Point of Sale (POS) customer entertainment, advertising, and real-time ticket itemizing.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Register Display Screens

CounterPoint SQL Customer Display Screens bring a welcomed change away from older Point of Sale (POS) register displays. New CounterPoint Customer Display Screens are available in a variety of monitor sizes to compliment your store's specific Point of Sale area - from smaller register-mounted options, to larger 15 inch stand-alone monitors. With full motion video capabilities and a virtually unlimited amount of design options, the CounterPoint SQL Customer Display Screens are an intelligent choice for any retail / wholesale business.

The Next Level of Customer Marketing at Point of Sale

You can now advertise new sales, seasonal discounts and closeouts, and any other store promotions to your customers directly through the Customer Display Screen at Point of Sale. CounterPoint SQL Customer Display Screens are an excellent, low-cost way to supplement your in-store Point of Sale (POS) customer marketing efforts.

Fully Customizable Layout and Content

Customer Display Screens in CounterPoint SQL are 100% customizable to match your store's exact look and feel. CounterPoint SQL Customer Display Screens allow for full creative freedom to add elements such as company logos, slogans, website addresses, store and product visuals, transaction totals and pricing information, live advertisements and commercial footage, and information about current and future sales promotions.

Improve Transaction and Ticket Accuracy

Customers can view real-time transactional ticket items and pricing through a highly visible display while your store representative runs the transaction - helping to improve transactional ticket accuracy and efficiency.

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