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CounterPoint SQL Mobile Scanning with 2B - the Ultimate in Inventory Management

All-In-One 2B Mobile Solutions for CounterPoint SQL

Now you and your business can utilize better mobile technology solutions to increase efficiency and provide customers with enhanced store experiences - Mobile Point of Sale, Mobile Gift Registries, Price checkers and Self-Service Kiosks, Moblie Receipt and Label Printing, and Inventory / Store / Warehouse Management.

Mobile Point of Sale   ||   Mobile Gift Registry   ||   Price Checker and Self-Service Kiosk   ||   Mobile All-In-One Solutions

Simple. Guaranteed. Portable. Powerful.

Hi-Definition Video Version Available HERE

Ticket and Order Entry

Item Lookups

Item Receivings

Inventory Transfers

Physical Counts
Manage Inventory from Anywhere

2B-Inventory is designed for retail businesses of all sizes who want the flexibility of using a hand-held mobile device with barcode scanner to manage inventory. Modules available for CounterPoint SQL include Item Manager (lookup and edit items), Physical Count, Receiving, Transfers, and Mobile Tickets. Manage inventory from one easy to use mobile application. 2B-Inventory works in real time when connected to a wireless network or cellular data plan. A wireless connection is not required as 2B-Inventory works automatically in batch mode if there is no network or if the connection is lost.

Item Manager

Quick and easy access to item information – even check quantities at other locations! View items details such as current stock quantity, price, margin, SKU, description, department, category, bin and last sale date. Lookup item information by scanning barcode or by using one of the various search options to view details such as current stock quantity, price, margin, SKU, description, extended description, department, category, bin, and last sale date. Edit Mode allows you to update the item price, bin location, and description. Real-time lookup mode allows for lookups directly to the POS database. Print shelf and item labels on the spot!

Physical Inventory

Save time, improve accuracy, and ease the burden of physical inventory. Scan the barcode of inventory items to record actual store quantities. Quickly transfer scanned information from 2B-Inventory to Counterpoint to calculate differences in recorded and actual inventory. Compare against quantities in your item database to reveal shrinkage or other inventory discrepancies.

Receiving / Transfer In

Increase efficiency of receiving merchandise. Scan items (or manually enter item code for items with no barcode) and enter quantities received (including serialized inventory). Included are multiple options for receiving inventory: auto-PO reconciliation, choose a PO or choose a supplier. With the label printing option, you can print out shelf or item labels for immediate stocking as your items come in the door!


Simplify the task of issuing and requesting transfers in multi-location environments. Simply choose to and from location and add items by scanning a barcode, entering an item number manually, or searching for an item.

**NEW** Create quick transfers and transfer requests!

Mobile Tickets / Orders

Create tickets on the go or for line busting! Enter customer, items, and quantities. Use the one click transfer to update your point of sale database with the customer and ticket information. Recall ticket or order from the point of sale to complete the transaction. If customer is selected, price rules will automatically apply! Print a fully customizable customer receipt immediately using an optional mobile printer!

Purchase Requests

**NEW** Make smarter buying decisions.

With 2B-Inventory, you have the choice of creating a purchase request based on the supplier you choose or let 2B-Inventory create the purchase request(s) based on the items primary vendor. Choose your preference and begin scanning items…2B-Inventory will do the rest! Simplified purchasing!

Mobile Printing

Print labels from Item Manager, Receiving, and Physical Count. Print customized customer receipts from Orders/Tickets.

What else makes 2B Inventory Management Unique?

* Tickets & Orders follow price rules and specials
* Mobile application with local database - connect via a cradled or wireless connection
* Take inventory and customer information anywhere
* Print labels and receipts
* Support for gridded items
* Check stock from other store locations!


2B-Inventory is a portable inventory management system and more:

* Anytime, anywhere access to inventory details – even away from the store!
* Lookup item information for your customers without going back to the register.
* Scan inventory at remote store locations and warehouses
* Fully functional Pocket PC with Microsoft Windows Mobile. Device can be used for e-mail, web browsing and schedule
  management when on the go.


2B-Inventory is designed to save time and for ease of use:

* Auto-Save – All information scanned in to 2B-Inventory is automatically saved for fast input of data.
* “Single Item” mode allows scanning of each item, incrementing the quantity of the item by one. “Multi-item” mode
  allows scanning of an item with numerical keypad entry. “Case Count” mode will automatically enter the quantity specified in
  that items case count.
* Easy to use interface. One click transfer within each module. Keyboard or handwriting recognition makes input of item
  descriptions quick and easy.
* Simply update item quantities and other information by connecting 2B Inventory to the POS through a cradled
  or wireless connection.


2B-Inventory is built with the future in mind. Technologies used include:

* .NET Compact Framework
* SQL Mobile Database Technology
* Designed for Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0, and CE 5.0


2B-Inventory requires Windows CE 5.0 or Windows Mobile 2003 or greater and is currently used with a variety of Mobile Handheld Scanners.

Please CLICK HERE to view a full list of 2B compatible Mobile Hardware Devices

General Mobile Scanning Information

* Mobile Application with Local SQL Database
* Transfer to POS via Wireless or Cradled Connection
* Built-in Automatic Software Updates
* Anytime, Anywhere Access to Inventory
* Built-in Auto-Save Technology
* Easy to Use Interface
* In-Depth User Guide
* Simple Install File
* Automatic License Registration
* Support for Multiple Devices
* NEW Mobile Printing Add-on
* NEW Supports Gridded Items
* NEW Supports Alternate Units
* NEW Compatible with CE 5.0 Devices
* NEW Full Keyboard Navigation Included

Item Manager

* Search By Item Lookup Code
* Search By Description
* Search By Extended Description
* Item Edit
* Scan Barcode to View Item Detail
* Manually Enter Item Code to View Item Detail
* Real-time Lookup
* View Item Details (SKU, Description, On Hand Quantity, Bin, Department, Category, & Price)

Physical Count

* Count in Single Item Mode (increment qty by 1)
* Count in Multi Item Mode (input qty)
* Enable Case Count Mode (auto input of case qty)
* Scan Barcode or Manually Enter Item Code
* Lookup by Description
* List View of Counted Items
* Modify QTY at Any Time
* Modify Bin Location & Ext. Description


* Create New Transfers
* Choose Location and Add Items
* Enter Reference & Comments
* Edit Existing Transfers

Mobile Tickets and Orders

* Create Orders or Tickets on Hold
* Include Comments
* View Ticket Detail at Any Time
* View List of New Tickets
* Tickets are Available at the POS for Recall


* Receive in Single Item Mode (increment qty by 1)
* Receive in Multi Item Mode (input qty)
* Prompt for Serial 2 (with custom label)
* Update Description, Price, Cost, Supplier, Reorder #, Department, Category, Mark Taxable, Mark Inactive
* Scan Barcode or Manually Enter Item Code
* Receive Serialized Inventory (prompt to input S/N)
* Add Additional Barcodes
* Receive Against Purchase Orders & Transfer Orders
* Add Received Items to an Existing Purchase Order / Transfer Order
* Add Additional Serial Numbers
* List View of Received Items
* View All Serial Numbers for Received Items
* Built-in Auto PO Reconciliation Intelligence
* NEW Receive from specific chosen vendor

Custom Settings

* Receiving: Prompt to Add Serial Numbers
* Receiving: Do Not Reconcile Purchase Orders
* Physical Count: Update Database Directly
* Physical Count: Export to File
* Physical Count: Prompt to Add Items to Physical Count Entry
* Logon: Require Login
* Database Connection: Local or Remote Database