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CounterPointSQL Integrated Security Camera Features

CounterPointSQL interfaces with a cutting edge digital video recording system to cover all your business security needs. The security camera system's intuitive design provides ease of use for the most basic user while providing virtually unlimited advanced flexibility as well. In addition, security camera and video surveillance serve a wide variety of purposes in a retail / wholesale setting:

* Manage the Customer Experience
* Manage Critical Systems & Processes
* Manage Employee Assets
* Manage Facility Assets
* Manage Product / Material Cost

Security Camera Benefits and Features

* 4-32 Channel systems
* Smart Search
* IP Camera Interface
* Multiple CODEC support - AZTECH , M-JPEG, or MPEG4 with Digital Noise Filter
* Remote Monitoring
* Bandwidth Throttle
* Health Monitor
* Unlimited Storage with VIGIL VFS software
* POS-Point of Sale Interface
* Advanced POS Reporter
* Web Server
* Up to 16 CH Audio Recording 2-way Capability
* Advanced PTZ Control
* Automated Managed updates
* SDK & Access Control Integration
* HD video support up to 5MpiX (2560x1920 pixels)

Business Intelligence

In today’s world there are three factors to dive retailers to focus on business intelligence. All three factors relate directly to the customer.

The need to:

* Quickly react to changes in customer demand
* Management needing predictive forecasting
* The need to improve customer loyalty and retention

There are many products and tools to meet this need. If you were to Google "Business Intelligence in Retail" you may be overwhelmed by the amount of companies that focus on just this specific area. A solid security camera system should focus on a few specific areas that are critical to giving you and your business the real-time feedback that you can use.

A strong security camera system provides the framework and capabilities you need:

* Real time exception reports and logging
* Real time or near real time online visits
* Real time alerts (ie. e-mail, text, html)
* Automated, Manual and Custom Reports

The ultimate goal is to empower management to receive real-time exception reports and to verify the customer experience with live or recorded video and audio - this system has the capability to do just that.

Real-Time Exception Reporting

When identifying employee theft you need to track any function that allows the drawer to open without a sale - voids, no sales, cancelled transactions, and returns to name a few. The security camera system's exception-based reporter will provide you will real-time alerts on these types of transaction to improve company security and reduce shrink.

Immediate alerts give you the ability to manage your business proactively. You decide what data is important and when something unfortunate does happen, the correct individual is notified. For example, too many high-value coupons at being issues at Register 1.

After-the-fact reporting is great for documentation and research, but real-time reporting gives you the power to correct business functions before they impact the bottom line.

People Counting Window

The “People Counting” window presents in and out hourly summaries for all cameras configured for “People Counting.” The columns include:

Camera – The camera number and name.
From – The start of the counting interval.
To – The end of the counting interval.
In – The number of entrances during the interval.
Out – The number of exits during the interval.

32 Camera Support

Ideal for large installations, a single DVR does it all. A multi-layered interface allows easy access to all your cameras. View 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13, 16 or 32 cameras at once and choose any ”page” with a right click of the mouse.

Smart Search

Allows you to pinpoint or specify a single object or place in the camera field of view to search for motion. Whereas searching a camera for movement will return hours of video, pinpointing an area with smart search will reduce that to minutes of video showing motion only in the area you select.

Visual Timeline Search

New to version 4.1, you can choose between a text based event list or switch to a multicolored graphic display of recorded events. Camera detected motion shows up in blue, alarm inputs in red, etc. The graphic allows you to easily identify and rapidly search different types of events.

Audio Recording

Audio is quickly growing to be an important business management tool along with video surveillance. The security camera software allows you to record up to 32 channels of audio per unit in clear detail. Audio assists organizations in not only managing the customer experience, but to also understand the events that lead to both high-performance and under-performing teams and tasks. Audio can come from camera microphones, headset audio systems, or even your telephone system.

IP Camera Interface

Vigil Server supports IP cameras (Network based), bypassing the ‘frame grabber’ technology of capture card based DVR's. The ‘Hybrid DVR’ technology is the solution to complex installations where distance or other factors prohibit the use of standard coaxial cable. New to version 4.2 is the addition of the NVR (Network Video Recorder) series. The NVR uses your existing network exclusively, (No more coax and BNC connectors) allowing for true HD (High Definition) video capture. With support for ACTI, Axis, IQEye, and other HD cameras, Vigil Server can record up to 480 FPS (No Recompression) on up to 32 channels, depending on your Network capabilities. (Gigabit network is essential for HD cameras.)

Motion Alarms

Scheduled Motion Alarms - Fully independent customizable 24/7 scheduling will send local alerts, remote client alerts, trigger onsite alarms, or e-mail notifications.

Motion Vector Detection - Allows you to trigger a motion alarm whenever an object moves in the wrong direction through the camera field of view. (Such as a person entering an 'Exit Only' door).

POS Interface

Integrated with a wide variety of cash registers and POS software’s, the DRX series provides a complete solution for transaction tracking. Easy point and click interface lets you search for video by entering transaction details. Use the powerful exception based search to quickly locate discrepancies in your daily sales, such as voids and no sales.