Securing Your Business is Priority Number One!

Unplanned events such as inventory theft and data loss can cause major business setbacks. It is critical for a business not only to safeguard tangible products, but also the intangible company sales and inventory records as well.

CounterPoint SQL interfaces with a full-range security camera system, as well as remote data backup services, and a virtually indestructable external hard drive to ensure your brick-and-mortar store, as well as your company business and sales data, are safe and secure in case of an unforeseen event.

Avoiding the Dreaded Computer Headache!

It is imperative for business owners to have data protection services in place to safeguard against a loss of company data and in turn a loss of crucial components such as productivity, company reports, inventory records, and product sales history.

Secure on-site storage coupled with an off-site remote backup safeguard are recommended options to adequately protect your valuable business information. Unfortunately just one little incident can cause a hugely detrimental effect to any business, large or small, when data is lost, stolen, or corrupted.

With adequate business data backup safeguards in place, you can rest comfortably knowing that your information is properly protected when unfortunate circumstances arise.

CPSQL Security Camera

Keeping watch over your registers,
inventory, employees, and business
operations is a top priority - no
matter where you are.

Datto Remote Data Backup

Safeguarding your vital business data
against unplanned events is
essential in today's business
environment. Make sure your
business and data are covered
by off-site backup options
when unforeseen issues arise.

Local Data Backup

Come flood, fire, or other disasters,
you can be sure your valuable company
data is well protected locally with your
new virtually indestructible hard drive.